Dream Hack Zowie will CSGO Keys accomplish its aboriginal actualization in the united states, advancing to the Austin Convention Center in Texas, May 6-8 for the 2016 DreamHack Zowie Open. In what DreamHack calls "a accustomed accession to the amplification to the US, " this $100, 000 clash will advertise some of the best teams in North america. However, csgo skins the top two seeds in the clash wish to accomplish abiding admirers and pundits apperceive that Brazil is in the abode and arena to yield the better block of cost money. Will the teams from the USA accept annihilation to say about it? Let's yield a look. Eight teams accept been seeded into two groups of four with anniversary accumulation arena matches in the accepted five-match, double-elimination format.

The two teams that survive anniversary accumulation will beforehand to the playoff bracket, breadth they will play a alternation of best of three matches to actuate the DreamHack Zowie Accessible Austin champion. Group A1. Luminosity Gaming2. Counter Logic Gaming3. Cloud94. SplyceLooking at these four teams, you anon see Luminosity and adumbrate it'll airing abroad with this group. The winners of the MLG Aloft in Columbus and the North american ESL Pro League Division 3, Luminosity has the résumé to accomplish a accepting accept it can handle the teams in Accumulation A. But a ninth abode accomplishment in the DreamHack Masters Malmo in April had teams absorption to video reviews to see how TyLoo and mousesports took out Luminosity.

This accumulation is abounding CSGO Skins with some actual acute players and coaches and I'm abiding they accept done their homework. That accepting said, Luminosity is still the admired to win this group. I can see this Luminosity aggregation authoritative it to the semifinals. Counter Logic Gaming is the pride of the American CS: GO scene. While its bottomless 5-17 accomplishment in the ESL Pro League may accept you anticipate it'll be clash fodder, there is acumen to accept this aggregation could accept some success. Just this accomplished weekend alone, CLG best up four wins, traveling 2-0 adjoin Liquid and Afterwards a Roof in the aboriginal division of the Esports Championship Series. CLG will be aptitude on MLG Columbus all star, Tarik "Tarik" Celik, and his adeptness as an admission fragger to get those aboriginal kills and authority down admission positions on the map.