Hold the arrow key until the ball came to just let go]This is also a FIFA basic skills, but there are numerous players in the adjusted passing power after release of the left rocker. But if the player has brought about the ball or by an opposing player interfere with it, did not spread out of the ball will be in accordance with the direction of travel of the players are now spread out. All in all, do not change the direction of the ball came before you go.Similarly, we know each other intense physical confrontation may lead ball can not be heard. If you find yourself being staggered or players face each other Chanqiang or pull it ready to change the way you pass it.3. Note that the first ball [under]A good quality before stopping and pass equally important. Under the first ball you can prepare for the next action, you can create space or to adjust the angle of the next pass.

Do not try to speed up the ball in time, this could lead to one more ball or bounce on the ball. Of course, if you pick up a sprint behind the ball, then another matter.selected a formation, then carefully study it]From the current experience, if your line is parallel to the midfield, and that the use of ball-type play is not easy. If the corresponding victory, you need an appropriate system to meet your style of play.General experience tells us that if you have a good attacking midfielder, then your ball will become smooth and not easily interrupted. Organizers Frontal position on the midfield and strikers occupying the position at the convergence play the role of the central attack; and when the ball gets his wings are inserted into empty or when cruising around the area.

At this year's Super invested heavily in the transfer market, the introduction of a number of well-known players, and as one of world's most famous football games of the Fifa 17 Coins series but has not been included in the Super League. According to media reports in England, in FIFA17, Super expected to be completed appearance."Sun," said Super FIFA17 is expected to enter into, including the target Teixeira Liverpool, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid striker Jackson Ramirez - Martinez in this transfer window to join the Super League, Ibrahimovic and Diego Ge - players like Costa has also been a high quote Super, Super League next season may be fought.But so far, it failed to Super League debut in FIFA16, but the "Sun" pointed out that in the previous version added the FIFA Women's National Team, EA does not mind making some changes. Super seems no doubt added.